Inspiration from Twitter

Twitter snap

I’ve had a Twitter account on and off over the years. I had one for years that I recently deactivated because I never used it. Generally when I want fitness inspiration I turn to Instagram or Pinterest. So, with the start of this new blog I decided to try Twitter again (@TheFathleteBlog) and this time focus on fitness. So, I’ve gone through and followed a bunch of fitness pages, about 20 and the other day I’m scrolling through the home page only to come across a quote that said “Instead of trying to be skinny, try to be healthy…your motivation will last longer.”

That struck all the right chords. That’s the entire purpose of not only this blog, but my personal journey in fitness. Do I hate being the only girl in my group of friends at the bar not getting hit on because I’m fat? Yes. Do I wish it was easier to shop for clothes that actually fit and look flattering? Yes. And that may be why I started, but it’s not why I continue. I continue because I don’t miss waking up everyday with indigestion. I continue because I like being able to breath walking up stairs (allergies permitting). I continue because I like how it feels to throw a barbell over my head, to tell people I can squat 200 lbs, to complete a workout faster than I did last year. I continue because sometimes the only thing that stops me from sobbing is absolutely killing myself in the gym. That release I feel listening to the weights hit the floor when I’ve had the shittiest day keeps me going. It’s my motivation. It’s lasted more than 1.5 years and continues to burn brightly. Sometimes my drive is strong and sometimes it fades, but it’s always there.

On days it’s 100 degrees in the gym, I still show up. On days I’m exhausted, I still show up. On days where the last thing I feel like I can do is lift up a barbell, KB, or jump on a box, I show up. On days my elbow hurts or my back or calf is tight, I still show up. Do I still dream about the day that I’m feel comfortable in a bikini? Absolutely. But who knows if I will ever reach that destination. For now my goals are to lift more, run faster, and jump higher. Because those are the things that give me confidence. The things I think I can’t do then accomplish propel me forward into wanting to be even better tomorrow than I was today. That’s why I can go to Crossfit at 270 lbs and jump on a 20″ box. That’s why I can do push ups, lunges, and finish a 5 mile run. It’s why I can look at myself in the mirror and maybe not like what I see, but still love my body.

If you shift your focus from being thin to being healthy your outlook and your journey will be so much more rewarding.

-The Fathlete