On the road again

Do you ever look at people’s Instagram (IG) accounts or their blogs and think, what the hell does this person do for a living that they have all this time to do all this stuff? I feel like that ALL THE TIME. I follow some people on IG who have lost some weight or are amazing athletes and I swear they must be making enough money of their IG accounts via sponsorship and whatever else that they were able to quit their job because every time I see their account they’re in a new city, doing something new and exciting. My life is not like that. I’m incredibly normal (but fun). I work a Monday to Friday full time job. I also work a second job at a retail chain for extra money. I have a disgusting amount of student loan debt and some consumer debt too.

But I do travel quite a bit. Mostly, because I work as an international business consultant at my 8-5, also because all of my family is in Wisconsin and as I went to school near the WI/MN border, many of my friends live in the Twin Cities. In 2017, I have managed to travel to Orlando, Abu Dhabi, Los Angeles, Montreal, Milwaukee/Green Bay, Twin Cities and just got back from Washington DC, last Thursday. Today, I’m leaving for another trip to Milwaukee/Green Bay and later this month will be back to Minneapolis. I love to travel so I don’t mind, but my trips to Wisconsin are normally very short. I spend 10.5 hours in my car, one way to spend maybe 20 hours with my family to have to turn around and drive another 10.5 hours. But this time I’m super excited because I am using 6 days of vacation to not have to think about or worry about my job for 10 full days!

I have a few reasons for this trip. One is that my favorite nephew is turning 11, so I need to figure out what to do with him (if you have any ideas, please share). Also, since the Crossfit Games have moved from California to Madison, Wisconsin I bought tickets to go see Noah Casey (M 16-17 yr old division) compete! Noah is the son of one of the couples that own the gym I attend. He’s such a polite and wonderful kid. If you’re watching the games on ESPN or even at the games, look for him. He’s a red head, hard to miss :).

Okay, great. I’m traveling again and going to the games. Why am I rubbing this in? What does this have to do with being a fathlete? Well, the reason for this post is to tell you that the one thing I have not yet figured out is eating on the road. You’d think it would be easier when I go to see my family than when I travel for work (and in some ways it is) but let me tell you. o.0 My mom’s food scale never works and the town she lives in is the size of a pea. The last time I was in town the only grocery store for 10 miles, that closes at 8 pm on week days and 5 pm on Sundays, doesn’t even have rotisserie chickens for when I’m starving and have 0 desire to ruin a chicken by attempting to cook it because as I said I’m awful at it.

So last night, I spent my time at the grocery store stocking up on beef jerky and chicken, filling a cooler with chicken, protein drinks and fruit and getting ready to hit the road and be healthy about it. Wish me luck. I’ll let you know how it goes. I may even stop to pick up a $20 scale to travel with. May also help when camping for the games next week.

Perhaps if I can master this I’ll be one step closer to figuring out how to hit my macros while I’m traveling for work. Between the hotels without refrigerators, the crap carb filled breakfasts, and all the restaurant meals it’s a bit of a nightmare. If you all have any tips, please share. For now, it’s grapes, chicken, two dogs and a 7 hour drive up to Milwaukee.

You’ll hear from me next week!