Trampoline Park & Crossfit


Despite eating too much fat and carbs the last two days I was very happy to wake up today three pounds lighter. I’ve been killing it all week until Saturday. My drive home went wonderfully. I hit all my macros by packing a cooler!  Now I’m struggling. My mom is not big on the lean protein.

Today was a busy day. I took my nephew to celebrate his 11th birthday since I will be missing his party this weekend. We started at the trampoline park where we jumped for an hour (if you’re reading this from Green Bay they have a Groupon right now)! Afterward, we went to Bay Beach in Green Bay and rode the rides, went to the Texas Road House where we devoured some bread and steaks, then finished up with Cold Stone. It was a pretty great day and I definitely think my nephew had fun.

My favorite part of my journey through fitness is all the amazing things I can do. Last year for Dameon’s Birthday I took him rock climbing and I was able to rock climb with him. I never would have been strong enough to do that before Crossfit. This year, we went to the trampoline park and despite my tight calf acting up, I was able to jump for the majority of the hour with short breaks to cool off. Afterward, I got my 11,000 steps in and still got a Crossfit workout in after I digested my Texas Road House steak.

I also got received great news from my friend Jess (shout out) today that she is down almost 40 lbs! How awesome and exciting! I love hearing about the success of my friends, it’s definitely motivating and inspiring!

My plan for the rest of the week is try to focus on protein, get a Crossfit workout in tomorrow, and get ready for camping and the Crossfit games! So excited, but this vacation is flying by way too quickly. I can’t believe it’s almost Tuesday.

Until next time followers!

-The Fathlete