The Word “Tone”

Tone. You see this word everywhere. Seriously! Go to Pinterest and head for the Health section. You’ll see a bunch of “10 moves to tone your arms” “30 day challenge; fully body toned workout.” But what is toned? What the hell does that even mean?

Most people think of toning as losing fat to show more definition in a certain area. But I’m going to hit you with some truth and hold on to your skives because it might change everything you think you know about fat loss. You cannot spot target fat. Meaning, your body, not your mind call the shots on where your fat disappears from first. So, you can run 10 miles a day and yes, you will gain some leg and core muscles from running, but you may lose fat in your face, or in your arms. You may not lose any fat in your ass. Squatting will give you the glutes of a god, but it might not get rid of the fat dimples on your butt. Why? Because your genetics and your body type determine where you lose fat first.

For me, I tend to lose fat rather proportionally, which you may think is lucky, but I have a big ol’ belly that I’d like to catch up with the rest of my body before I start losing fat everywhere else. But, my body doesn’t give a shit about what my brain wants. It doesn’t care about my ego, my insecurities, what pop culture tells me is beautiful. It loses fat where it decides it’s going to lose fat. So you may hate your big gut, your thunder thighs, your bat wings, or your turtle neck and I’m here to tell you stop targeting your fat. You can do all the crunches in the world and you still may lose weight from your legs first.

I will never tell you to stop doing core exercises, as a strong core is important for basically every movement we do; however, it is also important to work your legs, arms, etc too. Your entire body is important. Don’t skip leg day just because you want to lose fat in your arms. Your body will lose fat where it needs to lose it first and the rest will follow. If you continue with your healthy lifestyle and exercise you can most definitely lose fat and gain muscle and have a healthy ass body that is designed to function the way it was intended to.

In the meantime can everyone please do me a favor and take the word “tone” out of your vocabulary. It’s a wimpy word they created for women to down play the bad asserie that is us being strong and sexy af.

That’s my message for the day. I’ll be back bringing more bad ass stories and info to you on Friday.

-The Fathlete