Back from my week long hiatus


Life gets chaotic sometimes. Between two jobs, traveling for whatever, my dogs, doctor appointments from being rear ended and overtime sometimes I just need to disconnect. Last week was that week. After a week vacation in which I was on the run more than I was relaxed and going back to work as soon as I got back I decided to focus my week on getting back into the gym and getting back in the green on Eat to Perform. I realize that as new as this blog is taking a week from posting is probably not the best idea, I needed to just not worry about it for a while.

While I was on vacation they dropped my fat macros by 10 grams every day. I couldn’t eat dark meat chicken for two meals without hitting my fat and being left with protein and a ton of carbs. So readjusting to that, especially when I had no time to go grocery shopping before heading back to work was difficult. After about two days of completely screwing up my macros I started hitting greens again. Needless to say I dropped all the weight I put on over vacation and hit 4 lbs below my goal weighing in this morning at 265.2 lbs. I asked to get my fat back now that I hit my goal and they graced me with 3 grams per day of the 10 they took away (I wish you could have seen my eyes roll) and of course as always they gave me more carbs. My next goal is 263.4. Hoping to hit that this week. I also hit the gym 2x this week making it on Tuesday and Thursday. I would like to also restart Couch to 5k this week among the millions of other things I feel like I need to get done so we will see how that goes.

This weekend I have done absolutely nothing. I watched tv, napped, and made sure I hit my macros and while I feel like I completely blew a weekend, I am hoping to be recharged and ready to take on the next couple weeks of travel and overtime.

As for the Crossfit games, they were fun. Noah did fantastically placing 14th overall being one of the youngest boys to compete in his age division. The guy who won was pretty much 3 full years older than him. Camping was okay though I don’t know that I’d consider it camping. Yes we slept outside and dealt with the elements, though I don’t feel we did a lot of what makes camping great like hiking, rock climbing, etc. I’d definitely like to revisit Lake Kegonsa State Park and hit the trails and the lake.

The dogs also went camping that weekend with my family. According to Nicka’s doggie fitbit she had a lot of activity and not much sleep so the two of them crashed for about two days once we got back. All in all it was a good adventure and nice to get some fresh air. Also, in related dog news, I took their weights today and Delnicka is holding steady at about 17.8 lbs. She could stand to lose a little more weight, but she looks amazing compared to the 20 lbs she was when I brought her back to live with me after a year living at grandma’s. Chucho is up to 5.8 lbs which is a far cry from the 4.8 lbs he was when I adopted him in May. I’m happy to report you cannot feel as much of his spine as you used to and he now has an adequate amount of meat covering his hips. So everyone here has been happy and healthy!